Our history

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Technology is the way ahead to bring the educational system to its zenith. We become the technology partner of the ecosystem for answering the challenges that has intruded and is existing unsolved in the system.

Education is not a short term play we have the passion and the perseverance to carry the business through the tough times, to scale and to exit it. Team is the number one factor yes we have a passionate and dedicated team with smart and innovative thoughts to bring the best of the product. More over the features and facilities available with our product to ensure the quality of future generations gains the highest competitive strength in the market. Ability of our modules to integrate any kind of products to its platform enables us to create more companions and grow united “an add-on strength”.


" Knowledge and skills are to be shared and kept opened for all."

“Education is an investment in people for the future generation with qualitative and quantitative excellence, build the infrastructure for an efficient community.”

We want to become the one stop place of education a global platform where one can start accruing knowledge to build their career and future. An entrepreneur with dreams in education business can think on simple problems and solve them on a large extent. Some of our goals:
• Inclusion of technology in the administration of educational institutes.
• To establish effective social networks and virtual learning communities in the platform which can provide high quality education for all children.
• Make the platform with all the facilities in which one can run an institution one without the geographical and physical limitations

amazing layouts

We have a legacy of high quality education adapt it with the latest technology, ensure it reaches to the hands of all, use it in an efficient method to build the future of world with enlightened vision.

We are opening doors for fresh first generation entrepreneurs have the opportunity to enter the education sector.

amazing layouts

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Our development process

this is how we do it


Domain-driven design

Domain-driven design (DDD) is an approach to software development for complex needs by connecting the implementation to an evolving model


Strategic design

Strategic Design is a set of principles for maintaining model integrity, distillation of the Domain Model and working with multiple models.


Object-oriented design

Although in theory, the general idea of DDD need not be restricted to object-oriented approaches, in practice DDD seeks to exploit the powerful advantages that object-oriented techniques make possible..


Agile development

This “inspect-and-adapt” approach to development greatly reduces development costs and time to market.

Our skills

we are really good at

  • Software design 80%
  • Application development 70%
  • Marketing 60%
  • Branding 80%

Why choose Ludus

there are so many good reasons

While using our SaaS facility forget about the maintenance cost and upgrading charges for the version changes.

Ludus is designed to enable computing on the move. Accessible through any device. Runs on cloud platform- high availability, scalability.

Reach to the changing academics and challenging topics over the globe. Placement made easier by reducing the gap between the employer and the job hunters, the application which walks with the students from schooling to career.

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